Ethics Statement of the "Language Teaching" journal


Editorial Board

The Editorial Board requires that the authors reveal the contributions of the various authors to their article (giving their affiliation and degree of contribution, i.e. information about the author of the concept, assumptions, methods, protocol etc. used when writing the article), with the main responsibility lying with the author submitting the manuscript.

The Editorial Board documents all manifestations of scholarly dishonesty, especially violations of scholarly ethics.

Ghostwriting (when someone has made a significant contribution to an article without revealing his or her role as one of the authors or without being mentioned in the acknowledgements) and guest authorship (when an individual’s contribution is very limited or non-existent and yet he or she is listed as the author/co-author of the article) are manifestations of scholarly dishonesty. All such cases will be revealed and the relevant entities (institutions employing the authors, scholarly societies, associations of academic editors) will be informed.


The selected reviewers must guarantee independence as well as a lack of conflict of interests with the authors (no direct personal relationship, professional subordination and direct scholarly collaboration over the last two years preceding the writing of the review).


Articles submitted for publication should conform to the thematic profile of the journal, be reliable, original and objective. The Editorial Board does not accept articles published in their entirety or in part in other journals.


All forms of plagiarism are unacceptable. Such submissions will not be accepted.



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